New Report: Our Union, Our Future

Graduate workers face many challduke-report-quotes_finalenges in the changing higher education landscape. Across the country, we are uniting to face these challenges by fighting for a renewed commitment to quality, accessible higher education that pays graduate
workers a living wage and generates more opportunities for all of our communities.

Read our new report to read about the union difference for graduate assistants:

  • Graduate unions lead to better pay, benefits, and lower fee levels.
  • Graduate students with a union have more affordable healthcare.
  • Unionized graduate assistants have won many other important benefits for economic security.
  • Unionized graduate assistants have greater protections from discrimination and harassment.
  • The union movement is an advocate for improved and transparent research funding.

Duke graduate workers want a strong organization to address a lack of voice and security on the job.

Read the report here.

Sixty percent of respondents to a survey of Duke graduate workers were “definitely interested” in joining together to form a union. Seventy-nine percent indicated that they view a role for a unified graduate worker and faculty voice in advocating for improved working conditions at Duke positively.

The higher education landscape is likely to be volatile over the next few years. By voting to form a union, Duke graduate workers can join a movement to elevate the voice of graduate workers, faculty, and other academic workers to improve their economic security, protections from discrimination and harassment, and increase public funding support for University-based research.

Read the new report “Our Union, Our Future” and commit to voting yes!