Join Us For [DIS]Orientation 2017

Like cookies? Want to learn more about Duke’s Graduate Student Union? Join us for [DIS]Orientation 2017. We’ll be hosting a series tasty and informative events from Aug 21 — 25, and we want you there. It’ll be a chance to kick back, get to know your colleagues, and learn more about the exciting work Duke’s Grad Student Union has planned for the fall semester.

Check out our [DIS]Orientation guide here: DisorientationGuide


Full event schedule here:

Monday Aug 21: Cookies for Continuation Fees: Bake Sale on Abele Quad, 11am-3pm

Tuesday Aug 22: Pay Gap Potluck: 2409 Perkins Road, 6pm-9pm

Wednesday Aug 23: Forward Together Rally: Abele Quad, 5:30pm-6:30pm

Thursday Aug 24: All of Us Storytelling: White Auditorium, 6pm-8pm

Friday Aug 25:  Union Local Social: The Vault at the Palace International, 6:30pm-9pm

Huge Win! Sixth-Years Will Get Tuition Covered!

Sixth-year grad workers will now have full tuition coverage! This is a big win for us -and more evidence that direct action gets the goods. But we still have lots of work left to do!

From the Grad School: “Effective immediately, Duke will provide tuition scholarships for Ph.D. students in their sixth year who do not have other sources of tuition support. Duke already covers tuition for all Ph.D. students for their first five years as part of their guaranteed funding package. Most of our students who go into a sixth year are able to obtain external or departmental funding that includes tuition support. A small number, however, are not. The new scholarships will cover tuition for those students in their sixth year.”