Join Us For [DIS]Orientation 2017

Like cookies? Want to learn more about Duke’s Graduate Student Union? Join us for [DIS]Orientation 2017. We’ll be hosting a series tasty and informative events from Aug 21 — 25, and we want you there. It’ll be a chance to kick back, get to know your colleagues, and learn more about the exciting work Duke’s Grad Student Union has planned for the fall semester.

Check out our [DIS]Orientation guide here: DisorientationGuide


Full event schedule here:

Monday Aug 21: Cookies for Continuation Fees: Bake Sale on Abele Quad, 11am-3pm

Tuesday Aug 22: Pay Gap Potluck: 2409 Perkins Road, 6pm-9pm

Wednesday Aug 23: Forward Together Rally: Abele Quad, 5:30pm-6:30pm

Thursday Aug 24: All of Us Storytelling: White Auditorium, 6pm-8pm

Friday Aug 25:  Union Local Social: The Vault at the Palace International, 6:30pm-9pm