Durham City Council Members Support DGSU

We are grateful to receive so much support from our elected officials!

Durham City Council Members Jillian Johnson, Steve Schewel, and Charlie Reece have issued statements about our campaign to raise standards on our campus – and, in turn, in the broader Durham community.


BvcWicen.jpg“When I was in graduate school, I got pregnant. I didn’t receive the support I needed, and I ended up leaving the program. There were no protections. So I know personally that graduate students are workers and that unions are necessary. I’m excited to support this effort here in Durham and around the country.” -Jillian Johnson, Durham City Council



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“I want to offer my enthusiastic support to the Duke Graduate Students Union in the upcoming vote for unionization. The union can help Duke’s graduate assistants win fair wages and benefits–and that will benefit the entire Durham community.” -Steve Schewel, Durham City Council



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“I’m proud to stand with the Duke Graduate Students Union in their vote for unionization. By forming a union, Duke’s graduate assistants can speak with one voice in their negotiations with Duke University. And as they are successful in negotiating for higher wages and better benefits, the city of Durham will be the better for their efforts.” -Charlie Reece, Durham City Council