Update on our union election


Since filing our petition for an election on Nov. 10, the Duke administration has signaled its opposition to our union. While we hoped that the administration would allow us a free and fair process to form our union, we are not surprised that the administration has chosen to oppose us. On every campus where graduate students have come together to organize, their administrators have pushed back.

The administration has even retained Proskaeur Rose LLP, the same multinational law firm based in NYC that Columbia and Yale hired to oppose their graduate students’ unions. The firm has helped the administration appeal to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for a delay in their response to our petition for a union election.

The administration and their lawyers are arguing that none of us are actually employees — ignoring a clear NLRB ruling made in August affirming our right to organize and form a union. Despite these delay tactics, we are undeterred and ready to stand up for our rights. Together, we will win our union and raise standards at Duke and beyond.

Keep checking back for updates as we find out more about our upcoming union election!