Solidarity with SEIU Duke Grad Student Organizing Effort from UE Local 150

We are honored to receive the support from UE Local 150 North Carolina Public Service Workers Union for our campaign to win our union! A delegation of UE 150 leaders delivered a solidarity statement to our organizing committee on September 15. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our sisters and brothers from UE 150 in the fight for racial, economic, and social justice!

Please read their solidarity statement below.


We bring you heartfelt well-wishes and solidarity in your efforts to build a new graduate student-worker union at Duke University with the Service Employees International Union.  Union organizing efforts in the US South face difficult hurdles and a legacy that often makes us the least unionized state in the country, with less than 2% union density.  However, the fight for $15 campaign and other important efforts of SEIU, UE150 the Southern Workers Assembly and many others are changing that history!   Any time workers are organized, it strengthens our overall statewide, Southern-wide and nationwide movement for workers power and justice.

In the early 2000’s graduate student workers were critical support for the organizing efforts that UE local 150, NC Public Service Workers union launched to organize mostly blue-collar workers on state universities, which helped us build statewide power as a workers organization.  It is great that finally graduate student workers have their own freedom to organize acknowledged by the National Labor Relations Board and can build your own power and organization!

Our unions together, along with others in the labor movement, can forge a great fight against income inequality, racism and social justice.  It is workers that make the economy move. Workers united can organize for fundamental economic power and for a better world!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to ask for help, or for solidarity in any form. In these challenging times for working people and labor unions, rank-and -file  union  workers’ leadership and social movement unionism are two pillars that UE believes are critically important. We look forward to solidarity in action with your young union local.

Forward together!

UE local 150, NC Public Service Workers Union Executive Board

Larsene Taylor, President

Angaza Laughinghouse, Vice President

Nathanette Mayo, President-Elect

Donald Harris, Vice President-Elect

Jim Wrenn, Financial Secretary

Bonita Johnson, Assistant Financial Secretary

Raymond Sanders, Chief Steward

Kevin Yancey, Vice Chief Steward

Darrion Smith, DHHS Council Chair